Meeting Musings

15 (or so) years ago I began attending Meeting in Brooklyn. The Meeting is relatively large, and there are usually a few messages each week. For the past six years I've been attending another, much smaller Meeting, but today I back went to Brooklyn for the first time in years.

A few things struck me: on the facing benches were seven people, with probably another 30-40 on the other benches. My current Meeting is lucky to get seven in one week! Brooklyn has heat and electricity, my Meeting does not (well, not in the Meetinghouse, but the First Day School has both). And Brooklyn has people who serve as Greeters, those who close Worship and then a social hour committee - at mine, you do everything on "your" week (and if it's winter, you get there 2-3 hours early so that the wood stoves can warm the place up for others). It was good to be back at Brooklyn, but the outside noise was city noise, while I've become accustomed to country noise.

That led me to thinking about one of the people I follow on Twitter, @robinmsf. She's been live-tweeting Pennsylvania and New England Yearly Meeting, among other things. And BBC Radio 4 has a broadcast called "Sunday Worship". I can't imagine live-tweeting my Meeting - what would one say? - much less broadcast a Meeting for Worship!

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