Am I crazy?

(aka "someone needs to read Miss Manners/Emily Post")

There are two people, let's call them Partner A and Partner B. They've been together for a long time - let's say over 20 years. Not married, not living together, but definitely a couple, and usually treated as such. For example, when Partner B's family was being honored, A was invited to the celebration. When A's family has events, B gets an invitation (and vice-versa). A is included on B's family e-mail list. Etc. Invitations to a Major A Family Event recently arrived, one to A's home and one to B's. And another invitation to a Major B Family Event came to B's home addressed to "Partner B and Partner A".

So why, after all this time, does an wedding invitation arrive addressed to "Partner A and guest"? I think that means that B isn't invited... or am I wrong?


Jandy said...

Does the invitation come from someone who has known both people a long time, or a more casual acquaintance? Does the invite come from someone who only knows A well and casually knows B?

Don't get worried about it. My younger daughter is getting married next year. My brother is in a similar relationship to yours, although not as long. But the invitation will probably go to him and guest. I know my brother's B fairly well, but my daughter doesn't.

(Now you've got me wondering - should I ask my brother if he wants B's name on the invite instead of Guest???)

Lazygal said...

It's a member of A's family, so B is well-known. As as for your brother, I'd ask. Whether or not your daughter knows B well, you do.

Aravis said...

I would go ahead and make Partner B the "guest," as nothing specific was said. Whoever made out the invites probably had many to do, and just found it easier to write "and guest." S/he may have gotten into that groove while making them out ("and guest," "and guest," "and guest"...) and just went with it.

Lazygal said...

Aravis, I just learned that the bride had a friend (or friend's mom) do the invites - and this person insists that if you're not married, you're "Family Member and guest" no matter how long you've been together. I wonder what she does for marrieds who don't share the same name?

Plus, the envelopes were machine typed, not hand-written and there was no inside envelope. Huh??