Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love...

I've counted myself lucky that the vast majority of break-ups I've had, be they with friends or companies, have been good ones.  You know the kind: you still care about the other and wish them well.  You have friends in common and keep track of their successes and failures, albeit from afar. You don't make derogatory comments about the other, letting people know that its ok to have feelings for both parties. And nowadays you remain "friends" on Facebook or continue to follow them on Twitter (or whatever social networking you engage in).  Perhaps it takes a certain maturity, but it's been true of most break-ups in my lfe.

Sadly, over the past few months that hasn't always been the case.  People choosing sides, rather than remaining neutral (which I don't understand: is it really necessary to decide that you prefer one over the other?  you can't be maintain good relationships with both? ).  Or people deciding that the only way they can handle things is to make fun of the other person or treat their ideas/opinions as though they aren't of value.  Worst is when they decide that the appropriate course of action is to be disrespectful of the other person's contributions to your life or the life of the company.  Building yourself up at the other's expense just feels wrong and petty to me - and then there's the guilt I feel about being part of it, of adding to the negative emotions.

It can be very hard to say goodbye.  It's nearly impossible when there's "bad stuff" going on, because then goodbye gets intertwined with continuing emotional entanglement.  So on this Independence Day Weekend, I'm going to take the higher road and say goodbye to all that bad "stuff."

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Aravis said...

Good for you. Less negativity in life is always a good thing.