A new direction?

Last night I had dinner with a friend, someone I've known since we were together at high school. She's just written an amazing book and we were talking about things like the whole publicity "biz" and which reviews she needed. Some people I know (including family) have written books, with more or less success. Even worse, some are just... bad. And if you know someone, there's sort of an expected obligation to like their writing, which can lead to a sticky situation. Luckily, that's not the case here!

I mentioned (as I've mentioned here, earlier) that I've occasionally thought about writing a book (and I really do have the perfect title)... she encouraged me. Here's the problem: not only am I lazy, I don't know that I have a book's worth of stuff to say (or want to say, or should say in public).

Still, it's worth mulling over... I do have some free time coming up. But then, Mt. Bookpile beckons. To read or to write, that may become the question!


Jandy said...

Did my comment go through? I'm not sure, so here's the last part again.


Check out this blog. They track and announce when ebooks are offered free - especially Kindle. You can grow e-Mt. Bookpile.

Aravis said...

How funny. Lately I've been thinking about writing again. I went off it during school, but now that I'm enjoying a little freedom, the creative writing bug is nibbling again.

What genre would this potential novel fall under?

Lazygal said...

Memoir... of sorts. Probably fictionalized to protect the guilty.

Aravis said...

Protect the guilty, eh? *LOL* Make me truly villainous.

Don't you love how I've not only dictated my character, but assumed that I'm so important that I belong in your book to begin with? *G*

No worries... I know I'm not. But I'll read it, choose the villain I like the most, and pretend it's me.