We've come a long way, baby

One of the things I love about MPOW is that we have full breakfast every day.  There's a Group of 7 of us who gather at 7am for breakfast and conversation, enjoying an hour of jokes and discussion (it's a rare day that doesn't include the Coffee Comment, and often there's a Muffin Moment as well). Topics include colleagues, students, the arts, tv, books, politics, religion, current events - the usual gamut of conversation amongst friends. There are five men and two women, one of them me.

Last Monday we were, as usual, catching up on our weekend's doings when the other woman turned to me - "[Lazygal], did you watch last night?"  Of course I had, and we were off discussing how the team had not pulled together, particularly after Pierce got ejected, whether Ray Allen could hit enough 3-pointers, blah blah blah.  Two of the men looked confused until we clarified that it was the Celtics/Heat game, part of the NBA playoffs.  You see, sports is virtually the only topic we don't cover (one other person allows as how he follows tennis and will update us on the fortunes of his favourite football team, Manchester City), except when she and I talk about the Red Sox, the Patriots or the Celtics (do you see a theme there? good)

Then yesterday, she again turned to me to ask when the game tonight was on.  I looked through the NYTimes belonging to another tablemate to see.  Just as he returned from a coffee refill I said "7pm, TNT" - and explained that it was a Celtics/Heat game, not some esoteric movie or show.  Our response was a blank look.

I'm not sure that this is what Title IX was meant to do, but at least in my little corner of the breakfast world, the women are the ones who follow and talk about sports.

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