A bad Friend

There are a few people in my life that I love deeply, a great many that I really like and even more that I'm just apathetic about.  And then there are a few that I really... I guess hate is the right word.  When their names are mentioned or our lives intersect, my reaction is visceral.  I try not to waste that much energy on these people, but it's difficult.  I am trying to be a good Friend and to see that of God in everyone but some people?  There isn't a microscope powerful enough for me to see it in them.

Recently one of those few got what's coming.  It's not schadenfreude, just deep satisfaction that things did not go well for them.  And I feel a little guilty about that.

Luckily, Meeting is just around the corner and I can try to let that bad energy go.


Jandy said...

There are two people in my past that I would love to see "get what they deserve". But they're in my past and if I'm lucky I'll never see them again. I can't even feel guilty about my attitude. I wouldn't be the one to give them their come uppance, but I'd like to see it. I understand your satisfaction.

Aravis said...

There are a couple of these people in my life as well. Some I'll hopefully never see again, while others I'll never be able to avoid until one of us dies. I'm not saying I'm hoping for that, mind. It's just a fact.

I should follow your example, L, and work on finding a more powerful microscope.