You're my obession (not)

One thing I've learned - and tried to come to grips with - is that I seem to have an obsessive streak.  While that's not altogether a bad thing, in the spirit of decluttering I'm trying to get over it. 

For example, there are any number of blogs in my RSS feeder that I either no longer care about, or haven't been posted to in quite some time.  Luckily, Google Reader has this nifty chart that shows me the "infrequent fliers", and I can weed those out (I don't need any nifty charts for the ones I don't care about!).  It's Spring Break and as part of my Spring e-Cleaning I'm going to go through all my saved/favorited items and either read/delete or act on them.

I'm also going through a Netflix queue purge.  A friend recommended a series - someone whose taste I'm usually in sync with - yet the first disc did nothing for me.  Now, the obsessive me would insist on watching the entire series, because sometimes shows take time to gel.  Instead I just deleted the rest of the discs from my queue.  I'm also getting rid of series that I thought I'd want to see future seasons/episodes of, but, well, not so much any more on both my DVR To Be Recorded and my Netflix.

One of the things I've been pondering is the whole minimalist movement (and while I don't think it's lifestyle porn, I think this post has some great points about how to make that work in my life).  So another part of my Spring Break is going to be going through my closet and getting rid of things I like, but just never seem to want to wear - I already have a box o'stuff ready to be donated. 

Then there are, deep breath, the books.  Yes, The Collection is under attack.  Even though I've weaned myself off of being a Full Plate Reader, I still keep those No Good Very Bad Horrible books on my shelves.  Why?  I honestly have no idea except that's what I've always done.  Well, no longer.  If I wouldn't re-read (if I had time and no Mt. Bookpile) or lend, it's off the shelves.  I've already stopped collecting books by authors that no longer make me squee when they publish a new book (example?  Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series, which  served a purpose years ago but I've since stopped loving Annie Darling and the hijinks she gets involved with so the books are coming off the shelves and heading for a new home).  Don't worry, I won't be left with bare shelves.  Just slightly less cramped ones.  I hope.

People, too, are getting a rethink.  I know one or two people who seem to think I'm obsessed with them in some way - that I either blog about them a lot or go out of my way to make their lives worse.  Uh, no.  I don't obsess in that manner, and honestly, who has time for that middle school stuff?   But there are some people on the periphery, people I'm "friends" with, rather than friends with (you know the difference, right?).  While I don't want to hurt their feelings, they may just find themselves, well, 'unfriended' (or is it 'defriended'?).  Of course, because human feelings are involved that needs to be dealt with tactfully.  I think. 

So that's my Spring Break plans: fewer obsessions, fewer possessions.  More time to be lazy.

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