A trainwreck

There's a guy I know, mid-late 40s, who hasn't grown up.  He lives his life pretty much as though he's in a frat house:  relationships are mostly about the sex and having fun, not sharing a life with someone.  He doesn't take care of himself, keeping odd hours and abusing his body.  As for work, that's a some-time thing, not necessarily a steady job (although he has had them in the past).  When he doesn't get his way, he throws what's akin to a tantrum.  His friends and family despair and worry, but never really call him on his behavior, probably because he can be a lot of fun to be with when he's "on".  A dose of tough love would do him wonders.

I'm guessing that you all know him, too.  He's been in the news a lot, ranting and raging.  It's sad that things got to this point, isn't it?  And of course one fears for the future - his and his family's. 

What gets me is that we're all enabling him and his delusions.  The amount of air time and ink expended on what's going on... not to mention all the "experts" (none of whom know him personally, but based on their professional training, are called on to tell us what's going on and how it will most probably end) making money off this spectacle.  Enough!  What he needs it to be ignored by the media, to not be given tacit permission to continue acting and carrying on.

Why is it that we're so eager to watch obvious trainwrecks, not recognizing that in doing so, we're responsible for the damage?


Jandy said...


Your blog is spot on. It annoys me that he is getting so much free advertising through this mess. That certainly won't help.

While I haven't watched any of the interviews, read the entertainment news, etc., I can't avoid the tidbits and commercials showing him. Even my "serious" morning news talked about him one morning. It's sad in its own way.

Aravis said...

An L.A. Times writer said that this person is like the person at a party who latches onto you and, though interesting at first, eventually becomes tedious to the point that you're looking desperately for a way to escape. The writer said that the celeb is approaching that point. I guess this means that this will soon pass. One can only hope.