Feeling nostalgic

Since leaving Brooklyn for the pleasures of upstate six years ago, I've been back to enjoy the pleasures of the Big City many times.  This week's visits have been trips down memory lane is unknown - why now?  Who knows.

Tuesday's meeting took place around the corner from the building I worked in as a naive college graduate (for the princely sum of $50/week) in the business office of Circle Repertory Company.  While much of the area has changed - Starbucks has invaded, as have upscale boutiques - the store on the ground floor has reverted to type: in 1984 it was a Janovic Plaza, in 2011 it's a Benjamin Moore store.  Walking from there to the Bleeker Street 6 stop increased that feeling of déjà new.

Friday was more of a mash-up tour: starting at a school in which I'd done a half-day library observation/interview for a grad school class... walking cross-town and passing the building in which I'd last held full-time non-librarian employment, then the building Thing One used to work in (anyone know how PINK manages to stay in business?  seriously expensive real estate, large stores, and I've never seen a customer inside), then past the building where Thing One and I met in 1987... and into the subway station on Lex and 51st where I once again headed downtown, just as I did for six years... to Astor Place, where I spent time both during my (brief) career in the world of Off-Broadway theatre and then again during graduate school.  Finally to a bar/restaurant, where I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my former students while listening to the older brother/friend of one of her friends (both siblings also former students).

Why this sudden attack of "remember when"s?  Who knows.  And today, in Brooklyn, in virtually the same neighborhood I lived in for 12 years, they've faded.  Still, it made for an interesting week!

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Aravis said...

I don't know. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, these things come over us. Perhaps there's a need to remember where we've been, who we've been, and what led to today.