Just wondering...

A few weeks ago I was purchasing food for The Boys and saw a sign stating that most canned cat food contained grain, which could be an irritant for cats. I've mentioned Bogie's overzealous licking before, and while the humidifier seems to help he still does it - especially in the winter months.

I though it'd be interesting to try an experiment and get grain-free canned food for a week or so and see what happens. Result! Humidifier + grain free canned food = happy Bogie. The brands I'm now getting have interesting flavors, with names like "Hawaiian Luau" or "California Roll". And there's pheasant and rabbit to add to their meal choices.

So, here's my question. Where are the mouse and pigeon flavored food? Because given the cats I know (Thing Two is a firm believer in outdoor cats), that's the stuff they eat out in the wild. Not lamb and ahi tuna.



Wendy said...

Your question reminds me of the Warriors series, which explores this really intricate cat society in graphic and novel formats. The whole series surmises that caught food is much tastier than food provided for soft indoor cats, and the acceptance of bought food is akin to surrender to people.

Aravis said...

I've read that series. Yes, caught food was considered far tastier, although less plentiful.

I don't know of those flavors, and really, they should provide them. The closest I can think of are chicken, turkey, tuna, or salmon.

Pet food makers are always putting grains into the food; people think this is a great way to provide a balanced diet. The trouble is, animals' needs are different from our own. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, but most dog foods contain it. Dogs wind up going to vets for mysterious problems, and it winds up being the wheat in their food. It's good to know about proper nutrition, and to pay attention to the ingredients in their food.

I do a better job of this for my pets than I ever do for myself. My cats tell me I have my priorities straight, but sometimes I wonder.