Why do I do this to myself?

All I want is time to curl up and read the 73 (yes, that's right, 73!) books I snagged at Midwinter:
but nooooo... I have culture vulturing to do, MPOW to attend to, friends and family to see, and the minutia of daily living.

For the most part, the new books aren't really easy younger teen books, they're older teen/adult books (and I'm really looking forward to a number of them!) so we're not talking easy 1-2 hour reads. And I truly enjoy going to the theatre, and spending time with other people, and I do enjoy the students and projects at work. And then there's this crazy idea I have that because of Upcoming Big Life Changes, I should really buckle down on the uncluttering (closets and basement, I'm talking to YOU!).

Methinks I need two things: a Sven and a Xerox of myself. FYI, my birthday's coming up so if you see either, send it along with a nice bow! And possibly a cupcake. Or two.

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Aravis said...

How about some books? Would you like some more books? *G*

Which one(s) are you most looking forward to reading?