The quiet of a snow day

I do love my snow days (Thing One is less enthused, because he gets the early morning Happy Snow Day Dance call) but recently, well... Since January 3 2011, we've had four snow days. Four. Two in the past week, which led to a rather disconcerting two-day work week (thanks to the MLK Day holiday).

I'm starting to lose track of days. Last night I thought that a show I watch on Monday was on. This morning I thought it was First Day and that I needed to head off for Meeting. Neither were true, obviously.

Snow has such a quieting, calming effect, though, and I'm enjoying that. Of course I'm reading a lot, and cuddling with The Boys (The Girls are getting acquainted in Brooklyn). Not being productive at all, which is a bit troublesome.

One of the few productive things I've done is to clear my RSS backlog. Given the quiet of the snow, I encourage you all to enjoy these Holy Ordinary photographs of Meetinghouses.

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Aravis said...

It all sounds delightful, and I wouldn't worry about lack of productivity. You've got your whole life to be productive. Take some time to live up to your pseudonym. *G*