Works for me...

I know conventional wisdom says that you turn down the heat at night, while you're sleeping. For years I've bucked conventional wisdom and had my nighttime temperature slightly higher than my daytime (well, my daytime "at home" temp; my daytime "at work" is definitely in the cool range).


Because I don't like being cold when I wake up in the middle of the night, and it makes it difficult to get back to sleep. Now, some people might wonder why I'm so convinced I wake up at night - surely one run to the bathroom at 2am isn't that difficult to fall back asleep from? Except I wake up more often, frequently 4/5 times a night. Perhaps it's because of the cats, but I wake up to turn over in bed.


I don't move in my sleep, apparently, so when it's time to turn over, I wake up. I didn't realize my movements at night were so minor when I'm actually sleeping, as I'm pretty restless before finally falling asleep. This week I started counting the number of times I wake up, and the average is 4. At times the thought of keeping a dream journal has occurred to me, but that'd make me more awake than I'd like to be at 1:37am.

So the higher temp? Works for me.


Jandy said...

You're not alone with insomnia. Unlike you, I turn down the heat and add a blanket. But the other night I didn't realize I needed another blanket yet. Once I was asleep, I refused to get out of bed to find the blanket, so I kept waking up cold. The only way I could keep warm was to sleep curled up in a ball. I'd stretch out and wake up...

As long as you don't mind the higher fuel bill, stick to your method.

Aravis said...

Actually, you probably wake up even more than that- those are just the times you remember waking up. Everyone does this.


like you, I wake up when I roll over (and play dead... to the world), and at other random moments as well. I don't know why. Another thing we have in common in addition to reading. Perhaps the two are linked somehow. *G*