Resolutely Resolved

The past couple of months I've been inundated with bad news from (and about) good friends:  friends with only months to live thanks to the horror that is cancer... friends with parents close to dying (or dying)...  a husband in a serious accident while acting as a Good Samaritan... a friend battling bulimia... friends going through divorce or separation... friends dealing with mental problems (theirs or someone in their family)...

It's a seemingly endless litany that tears at my heart, and keeps these friends in my prayers.

So my resolution for 2011?  Not to take things, or people, for granted, but to be grateful every day for the good things in my life and for the good people I know.  That means you, my friends and family. 

Holding you all in the Light for 2011.

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Aravis said...

Thank-you. In case you don't know, you're close to my heart, too.