Recently I've had cause to rethink first impressions - one in a positive way, one in a negative way. It's always difficult to change our thinking about someone or something, particularly if we're lowering our previously good thoughts.

The positive? I knew a man, let's call him Robert. We met on-line years ago and, well, disagreed is putting it politely. It wasn't just that we had different viewpoints, it was his feeling that if you disagreed with him (or understood the opposite position) you were stupid and somewhat evil. Needless to say, not one of my favorite people. Recently, however, I've come to know him in a different context and, well, in this context what he has to say is not argumentative and actually quite thought-provoking. Luckily, "I am not I, you are not you and they are not they" or else there'd be trouble!

The negative? I loved the book Still Missing, and I've recommended it to others. Then, this past weekend, I watched an episode of L&O UK. This particular episode, "Hidden", was based on "Bitter Fruit" (L&O "original"), which was based on the Ellie Nesler case... which seems to have inspired Still Missing. Not realizing it at the time, I'm now a little less enthused about the book (and let's not talk about the cross-over to Room).

I guess it's a classic case of win some... lose some...