No harm. No fowl.

At the end of the recent NEIT conference I got a massage - if you're ever at Mohonk Mountain House, you must spend time at the spa! This was the best massage I've gotten, bar none. The last one I got was an in-room massage, which was lovely because there was none of that getting up and going home horror to deal with, but this was a better massage.

At the end, there's a promised Guided Power Nap. This is more like a minor relaxation exercise than a Guided Nap: the masseuse tells you to send energy to those muscles that aren't sufficiently relaxed, leaves the room and after a while returns to ring chimes marking the end of the session. The description suggests that there'll be imagery, and, well, more than that.

Anyhoo, I was lying there, all relaxed and dozing lightly when all of a sudden I heard the honk of a distressed Canadian goose. Of course, that startled me and I woke in a panic... only to find that the only distressed goose around was my snore. Yes, it woke me up. No, I don't think anyone else heard. I hope.

Then yesterday I was drifting off into a Non-Guided Nap when I heard the harsh rasping of an intruder getting louder and louder. Flinging Mallory off my stomach in panic, I learned that the intruder was, well, me.

Thing is, when I'm sleeping on my side I don't make noise. But when sleeping on my back? Bring earplugs.

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