This past year at MPOW I've noticed something I thought was perhaps unique to this school, something I didn't really understand but, well, when you're making food for over 1000/day and it's a school setting, perhaps these things happen.

So imagine my surprise when I saw the same thing at the Very Swanky Hotel I was at for my latest conference.

What? Balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing that looks more like light chocolate mousse than salad dressing. Same color, same texture. Since when does salad dressing glop on to your salad? And it's only the balsamic - the red raspberry and other flavors of vinaigrette don't seem to have this bizarre quality.

The fact that I've now seen this in two places prompts me to ask: why????


Anonymous said...

Because people like fat and sugar and salt, and this dressing sounds as if it contains all three. You're right to object because it drowns out rather than enhances the delicate flavor of the salad. RLC

Lazygal said...

Actually, I don't think it drowns out the taste of the salad as much as scares everyone into using a different dressing! It's in one of those tubs on our salad bar, getting thicker and thicker daily.