Holding my nose

Today I vote (well, by the time you read this, I'll have voted - I like to vote very first thing, despite it usually being fraught with districts not being entirely set up and ready; and who knows what will happen with the New! Improved! voting machines in NYS).

And once again, I'm not voting for candidates, I'm holding my nose and voting against others (well, I am voting for one, but the rest it's nose-holding time). I'm even lodging a feeble protest vote.  Seriously.


I'm tired of candidates slamming their opponents rather than telling us what they stand for and what they'll do if they win.  I'm tired of the increased partisanship and "the other party is Evil! Evil! Evil!" rhetoric.  I'm tired of gotcha journalism and political discourse. 

Even voting the current lot of idiots out doesn't help: the next batch are even more partisan and unwilling to work with others for the good of the people (who, after all, they represent and work for).  You know, I've never once voted for a candidate I really liked and admired.  Not once.  It'd be so much better if I could vote for "none of the above" - my guess is that if we had that as an option, more people would vote and that option would win.   What a shock for the political class, eh? 

A lazy gal can dream while holding her nose, can't she?


Jandy said...

I have heard that the "none of the above" option is available in Australia - although I haven't verified that. I agree, that would be a good choice to add to our ballots.

Aravis said...

I was fortunate enough to actually be able to vote for candidates this year, and so far they've won. The gubernatorial race is as yet undecided, but my candidate seems to be the winner so far.

The attack ads reached a new low this year (I wrote on FB how I think they should address ads from now on). Because I really wanted to know what candidates stood for, I took the time to look it up on their websites. I shouldn't have had to do that, but it was the only way. The people I voted for (coincidentally?) did not run attack ads for the longest time, but took such a pounding from their opponents that way that 2 our of 3 of them gave in and did tit for tat. One, though, stood strong throughout. Good man! :0)