Foodie Alert!!! Spoiler Alert!!!

(I almost entitled this post Hearth (and home) (and Harry Potter).. stay tuned)

First of all, my extreme gratitude to Laura Lutz for telling me (ok, telling anyone who reads her blog, which includes me) about @terroir, which led me to the announcement of a Thanksgiving feast at Hearth. Thing One was up for it, so instead of prepping and cooking and cleaning and stress, yesterday I headed down to NYC for a movie and dinner.

Which movie?  Harry Potter VIIa.  Of course, I've read the book and equally of course, Thing One hadn't (he gave up midway through Book II, I think).

Of course, this brings up the Dreaded Spoiler Issue... and honestly, I just don't get it.  I mean, this isn't the Crying Game, fercryinoutloud!  It's Harry "multimillion copies sold" Potter.  I'm waiting for another uproar over Mrs. Weasley's use of Inappropriate and Extreme Language in the next movie.

Then it was off to dinner... and what a dinner it was!  We started with an amuse bouche soup, cranberry and I forget the other ingredient.

The perfect starter.  Was there wine?  But of course - Chateau Masur's Bocher.

Don't know it?  You're seriously missing out. Being lazy, I didn't take a photo of the winter salad - but imagine vegetables and lettuces with a wonderful, light dressing.

True confession time: I'm not a huge fan of turkey.  Maybe it's too many dry turkey dinners in my youth, maybe it was the endless leftovers.  Whatever it was, I decided to go for the dry-aged sirloin.  It was a little surprising that steak knives were not provided, but they just weren't needed.  This was some of the best sirloin I've had.  Ever.  The sides were delicious, too; Thing One loved the potatoes while I loved the braised winter vegetables.

And don't you live the coaster that came with my tea?  You'll have to imagine the pecan tart and pear gelato - it was gone too quickly for a photo.

No muss.  No fuss.  No overly stuffed Lazygal.  No soon-to-spoil leftovers.  Thankfully perfect.

Here's hoping your evening was equally perfect.

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