Blog Challenge - Week Six

This week, we're asked to write about writing. 
What is your life as a writer like? Do you write for work and or pleasure? What kind of things to you have to write as an adult? When you do write is it texting, computer, paper, journal or other?
Years ago I tried to keep a journal. It failed mostly because I wasn't writing for me, but for Posterity, for the Great Unknown Reader.  Ugh.  Too precious and snotty for words.  All copies have been destroyed, I believe.  Or perhaps that's I hope and pray.

As an adult, my writing has been professional - articles for national library publications, mostly.  The occasional chapter for a book.  Blog articles.  Book reviews. The usual, I suppose.  One might blame my affinity for non-fiction writing on my winning a prize in sixth grade for Best Report on the Class Trip to Enney.  Or on my academic textbook editor aunt (she of the infamous Attica Report gift).  Whatever, it's my preferred writing.

The biggest change in my writing has been that I am now able to compose on the computer.  As recently as the mid-90s I couldn't: everything was written out longhand and then typed in.  However, editing is still done pen-on-paper!  And while I can (and will) edit anyone, editing myself is difficult.  I don't think I'm alone in that.  While I do tweet, it feels limiting; 140 characters isn't enough and I really hate those abbreviations you need to use to compact your message into that limit. 

I'm also more comfortable communicating via writing (be it fountain pen on personal stationery or pixels on screen), perhaps as a result of my years as a voracious reader.  For better or worse, I think I write the way I talk and expect others to "sound" the same. Readers, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

More comfortable than you were before or more comfortable than in another medium of communication? RLC

Lazygal said...

More comfortable than in another medium. It may have to do with the ability to more easily edit and rephrase what I'm saying, or that I don't have to respond immediately. Or it might simply be because I'm a better reader than I am a listener.