Blog Challenge - Week Seven

During this time of the year everyone is taking time to be thankful. What is one thing you are thankful for and why?

I could go with the easy answers - the Things or The Gang. But that's easy, and who wants that?

So I'm going to say I'm thankful for my parents, all of them. You see, as an adoptee, I've always known I've got some other mother and father out there (not together, I suspect, but you never know... or, in my case, care). Without Mommy1 and Daddy1, I physically would not be here. There'd be some other Lazygal, though, but she wouldn't look and talk and be this Lazygal. And without Mommy2 and Daddy2, I wouldn't be Lazygal. Who knows who I'd be - probably not an athlete, but possibly not as big a reader. Probably not a school librarian. Not Mommy to (gulp) five cats. And let's not forget the incredible opportunities I've had in terms of travel, education and "culture".

I've never met M1 or D1, and I have no desire to do so - their role in my life ended at birth. M2 and D2 took over then, and shaped my life. It may seem odd to non-adoptees (or even to some that, like me, have four parents) but I'm deeply grateful to all of them, and to me they're equally important. And I'm equally thankful for what they've given me.

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Anonymous said...

I hope parents 2 read this. RLC