Blog Challenge - Week Five

(ETA: another one that for some reason hid in draft!)
Sometimes your day is not about the planned events but instead it's the small moments that make us think, reflect and savor what we are doing/learning. Tell about a small moment you had this week and what you learned or experienced in that moment.
For me, there were several small moments - all regarding students.  One student has been coming to the library daily and reading.  He read through the Cirque du Freak series, and when he finished, he came into my office, closed the door and talked to me about it (and other books) for the rest of the period. 

Another student is excited to start our Varsity Reading Team.  She's got ideas and enthusiasm for 20 students.  Others, passing through, tell me about the book I suggested, or recommend a book they like. And then there are those who don't have to say hello, or share something small from their lives, who stop me in the hall.

Even better is the message I got on Facebook from a former student.  She asked my advice about research and books - and I haven't been "her" librarian in nearly six year.  She ended the message with "I miss you."

It's these (sometimes) brief conversations that make me realize that something is going right.   I'm not just the Shusher-in-Chief, I'm someone that helps make their daily academic lives better.  And that makes all the other stuff (the filing, the budget work, the tearing-my-hair-out-over-bibliographies, etc.) bearable.

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