Just talk to me

I'm back from my second visit to the doctor in two weeks (congratulations, Ms. Lazygal, it's a sinus infection - and doesn't it make a nice follow-up to last week's upper respiratory infection?). 

While I'm admittedly a bit old-fashioned about some things, there are things that it's right to be old-fashioned about.  Doctors, for example.  Now, I'm not complaining about the fact that with a few quick keystrokes my doctor can send a prescription to the pharmacy, or about the fact that my doctors are all aware of my various conditions and medications.  That's probably all for the best, right?  Safer, more holistic, etc..

What bothers me is that my doctor spends more time typing into her computer than she does talking to me.  I feel like I have to repeat everything at least three times before she hears me - and even then I'm not sure whether it's fully sunk in.  My former doctor did listen.  Even better, she looked at me when I was talking to her.  This one?  Not so much. 

Are all other doctors doing to be the same, or should I look for a new one?


Jandy said...

Look for a new one. Mine does both very well. She's quick on the keyboard but looks and listens to me first. I feel like I have her whole attention. Even though my visits are generally short, I don't feel like I was short changed on time or attention.

Alice Yucht said...

Start by asking her to look at you when you're describing a symptom so that SHE can see it in action. Remind her that you're not paying for cyborg-diagnosis. If that doesn't work, find another doctor.

Aravis said...

My GP is alright, switching focus from me to my charts (still paper, not computer if you can believe it!), but the other doctors I've had to see for various reasons over the past couple of years probably couldn't tell you what I looked like if offered a $1m to do so.