Every week in my mail I get a Pennysaver filled with local ads and with several glossy ads from national/regional businesses. Imagine my surprise when I found an AARP membership envelope!

Now, thanks to Thing One I'm already an AARP member (it's actually my second stint at AARP membership; the first was when I was 25 and working for SSC, which handled the mutual funds AARP offered - membership was an employment "perk"). So I'm not so worried about losing out on their offerings. What I'm worried about it the assumption that someone, somewhere, in this great and glorious country of ours, hasn't heard about AARP yet.

Oh, and could someone please explain why, with retirement benefits being delayed until 67(ish), why do they push membership starting at age 50?


Anonymous said...

So they can sell you insurance. RLC

Aravis said...

They started pushing Randy when he turned 40!