From blech to mediocre

Poor Thing One: HPOW has been going through the From Good to Great process.  Problem is, they didn't start at "good" - just getting there would be a start.  Will Manley posted about all the different management theories that he'd been through.  Makes one wonder why, doesn't it?  If the institution is so in need of reogranization, of shaking up the "how we do things" that they go through process and process and process, it seems to me that one more isn't going to help.

What would help - and I've worked for companies that have gone through these programs, too - is if management stopped paying for "experts" to advise and manage, and started really listening to the people at the bottom levels.  It may make a Managing Partner feel as though he is listening to The Little People, but until there is honest assessment from the bottom up as to what would make the company "great"...

Corporate culture is delivered top down ("trickle down", to be accurate).  Yet for true change to happen you need more of an upside down approach.   I've yet to see that happen at any POW I've known about.

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Aravis said...

It must be so frustrating for him!