Better late than never?

Most people that know me would say that I'm a pretty straight-edged person - there's no real wild child hiding inside, it's more a mild child. As Mr. Franklin suggests, I'm early to bed, early to rise, even more so as 50 approaches and 40 rapidly disappears 'round the bend (30 - not to mention 20 - are distant memories).

So imagine my surprise when I realized the other night that in the past few years I've been to concerts at Irving Plaza, Webster Hall, Highline Ballroom and Mercury Lounge!

What's next? Raves**?

**do they even have raves any more?

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Aravis said...

I disagree with your self-assessment. I think you've got a lot of wild-child in you just dying to come out, but you rarely let her out to play. Obviously she sneaks by you from time to time though. *G*