Bad Boss Brigade

In honor of Labor Day, I've been thinking about the people I've worked for that have been... let's just call them disappointments.  I'm not talking about the ones that didn't give me that well-deserved raise, or who didn't give me the warm-fuzzies all the time, I'm talking about the ones that were just not even close to being a good boss.  I've tried to avoid these mistakes (and think that I have!), which isn't to say I'm a perfect boss.  It does seem that I'm a Bad Boss Magnet (NOTE: the reason there are so many is that 1. sometimes I reported to more than one person at a time, 2. in one job I had four supervisors in six months, and 3. some were bad in more ways than one).

I present to you, dear readers, the Bad Boss Brigade.

  • Topping the list is the boss who bounced my paycheck, and then got mad at me because I didn't have enough of a float to not incur bounced check charges.  IMVHO, the depth of my checking or savings account wasn't the issue.
  • Then there was the time that my boss decided not to pay us on Wednesday (payday was on Thursdays, but this was Thanksgiving week) and instead of coming in on Friday to cut paychecks decided to go hunting. 
  • The boss that threatened to fire me because I wouldn't answer my phone (I was home with laryngitis, and both Thing One *and* my doctor's office had called to explain my absence; he called me 10 times that day).
  • There's the boss that in all my years of service managed to only once find the words to say anything positive about my work.
  • One boss was so afraid of a discrimination lawsuit that one member of my department was allowed unlimited time off (example: Monday - called in with a sprained ankle, Tuesday - waiting for the doctor, Wednesday - waiting for the x-ray to be developed, Thursday - no call, Friday - at work with no limp, no cane, no nothing).
  • Another allowed a colleague to verbally abuse me and physically threaten me - while the other person was admonished, there was no apology or acknowledgment that they'd done wrong.
  • Yet another excused sexual harassment, saying "it's a small office... don't be so sensitive".
  • One left a memo/fax on my desk showing that upcoming budget/staff cuts eliminated my position.
  • In one office, there was a chain-smoker (2+ packs/day), a cigar smoker and a pipe smoker (yes, this was before NYC went No Smoking Anywhere Indoors; as an office with <25 people, OSHA would not get involved).
  • Another felt that any time my name crossed their radar it was a bad thing, even if the "blip" was a positive comment about my performance.
  • Let's not forget the one that felt that the best way to get good results was to berate people publicly. 
  • There were the partners (both 65+) who fought like children when the partnership dissolved - did it really matter who had more paperclips and manila folders?  - and drove me to Xanax.
Here's hoping that you've had better luck than I - but if not, please feel free to share in the comments section!

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Aravis said...

How about the boss who, a couple of days after letting me go, saw me at a bar and offered me the rent money I was now short on if I'd have sex with him?