Worst. Summer. Ever.

Perhaps not "ever" but certainly within recent memory...


Things at MPOW haven't been going quite as well as they need to be going, and I'm not at all confident that we'll be ready for students to come back on Tuesday. That's a huge worry: books aren't shelved properly (yet); there's nothing up to highlight the Great! New! Books!; there's a huge archives project that needs tidying; our DVD collection needs to be rehoused; need I go on? On top of all that, Bogie's acting funny, requiring a visit to the vet. My house needs a serious cleaning. I'm very behind on updating my computer and on decluttering my closets. For every step forward I'm taking, I feel like this summer has been ten steps back.

Thing Two does something called "lie on top of", which is wonderful because it's like a human is acting as a security blanket; it's an eternal shame that I don't have constant access to a human for "lie on top of" (or that The Boys can't grow to human-size so that they can cuddle me back; part of me hopes that The Boys feel completely loved and snuggled when I do something similar to them - the certainly do purr as if they do!). Yes, yoga's good for destressing. Ditto dark chocolate. Or Ben & Jerrys. Still, give me a good "lie on top of" any day, and if you can find anyone to "lie on top of" you, do so immediately.

Of course, you could always tap your troubles away.


Aravis said...

It's too hot tonight for a "lie on top of," but normally I'd have to agree that it's very comforting.

Hang in there! Prioritize, attack, and breathe. You can do this, you really can. ;0)

camillofan said...

Also my Worst. Summer. Ever.