Poltical Imponderables

I'm listening to the recent primary results and in each race one candidate was "supported by the Tea Party" or "a Tea Partier". Hmmm...

At MPOW, there are many who have expressed a desire to see the Democrats take over the local, state and national governments. Not just this election cycle, but permanently. Unfortunately, this sentiment isn't confined to MPOW - I've heard it from others of a seriously liberal bent. If that were to happen, it kind of makes the Republicans the political version of the Washington Generals. And it kind of makes America a one party nation, something that should make every one of us rethink our allegiance to the flag.

On the other hand, the Tea Party is not the third party we desperately need. Unless it's the original (and still best).

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Anonymous said...

I agree that a one-party state would be disastrous. We need a healthy opposition. It's questionable, though, if that's what we have now. RLC