Not impressed

I'm watching the news and the anchors reported that Pres. Obama's disapproval rating is at an all-time high.

I'm not surprised.

Despite all the promises and all the hope, he's failed to impress me. For some reason, one they can't clearly articulate, my parents find him inspirational. If they could point to one speech, one action, one something that inspires them, I'd be happy. But they can't.

And really, how inspiring is it to have a half-white, half-black product of a prestigious prep school and equally prestigious universities with little experience governing as president? Take away the ethnic twist and he could be George W. Bush in terms of background. If he'd come straight outta Compton I'd have been impressed and possibly inspired.

That he hasn't kept many of his pre-presidential promises also doesn't surprise me. That others are disappointed does surprise me. Doesn't any one remember being disappointed by all election campaign promises, going back to the kid in 6th grade who promised that if you elected him there'd be homework-free weeks and candy for all on Fridays? Or the girl who promised that manicures would be available in the cafeteria every Friday, if only you'd vote for her? I was at college with candidate Rhett Butler, who apparently "gave a damn" to such an extent that I had no idea he was even in office.

President Obama has made mistakes. All presidents do. He has failed to inspire, like most of his predecessors. Had he used his primetime speech following the BP oil spill as his "man on the moon" moment, pushing for energy alternatives and promising real changes within five, or ten, years, he might have inspired. Instead he did what he's done in every speech I've seen him give: he lectured, he explained, and he was bland.

His low approval ratings? Not surprised. Are you?


Aravis said...

I'm not surprised, but not for the same reasons.

I don't like to engage in politics online anymore, tbh. I will say that I do admire him. If you'd like an example, I'll point to health care reform for one. Imperfect, yes, but the greatest strides ever. He has not been successful in fulfilling many of his promises, but he's making honest attempts. Washington is Washington, whatever side of the House you sit on.

The reason I'm not surprised about popularity ratings? He walked into one of the biggest messes this country has ever faced, largely due to Bush. Obama is blamed for the mistakes of his predecessor (economy,war,bailouts, anyone?)and cannot turn things around with the wave of a magic wand. I think too many Americans expected him to do just that, and that was never reasonable. Btw, not implying that you thought any such thing- I'm sure you didn't. I'm referring to population at large.

Has he let me down, disappointed me? Of course he has. But overall he has my sympathies.

Lazygal said...

Aravis, you're absolutely right, he did walk into a huge mess - and no one could have turned things around immediately. Has he failed? No. But he hasn't 100% succeeded, either. Somehow that surprises and angers people.

My bigger problem is that there's a huge difference between admiration and inspiration, and too many people I've spoken with confuse them when talking about him.

Aravis said...

It sounds like you and I are on the same page regarding success and reasons.

I admire him. Whether or not he inspires me is something else. In this heat, I'm inspired by very little! ;0) Perhaps it is the idea of him that people find so inspiring rather than the man himself. In that way I find him inspiring. The fact that he was elected, and the ideals he stands for regardless of his success or failure rate, are inspiring I think.