One of the joys of Netflix is being able to watch old series that you missed the first time around  or those you'd like to rewatch (although why Mother Love and Die Kinder aren't available is beyond me: I'd love to see them again!). Along with all my reading (35 ALA-gotten ARCs down, 25 to go!), I'm watching many movies and series during my long weekends this summer.

The current Netflix is Poldark.  Now, I remember when it was on Masterpiece Theatre and I remember my mother refusing to let me watch any of the episodes.  So of course I've had an incredible curiosity about why.  I should have learned my lesson when I finally saw Upstairs, Downstairs (don't get me wrong, it's a great series, but there's nothing there that a teen in the 1970s should have been shielded from!)... but noooooo.  I'm watching the series (anyone else notice the resemblance to Penmarric?  or is that just me?) and, well, I'm underwhelmed.  1700s Cornwall-based soap opera?  Definitely.  But it's basically G rated, with the occasional PG moment. 

So why couldn't I watch Masterpiece Theatre when I was younger?  Anyone?

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