Culture Vulturing on a hot summer's eve

In the late-80s, David Johansen was playing seemingly weekly at the Bottom Line, and Thing One kept promising that one day he'd take me.  It took 20 years, but finally!  Don't know who David Jo is? Think New York Dolls.  Think Buster Poindexter.  Think Hot Hot Hot (on second thought, don't - I think we've all heard that song 50 times too many).

So, on a scorching night in NYC, off we went to the Highline Ballroom to finally see him in concert.  I don't know what type of a crowd Thing One expected, but a bunch of off-duty cops/firemen in their 50s wasn't quite top of my "this is the David Jo crowd" list!  The only song we knew we didn't want him to do was That Song, but Thing One did have hopes that we'd get "Hit the Road Jack" and "House of the Rising Son".  No such luck.  Instead we got "Funky but Chic", "Frenchette", "The Rope" (among others) and covers of "Rocket 88", "Boom Boom" along with some new stuff.  He was remarkably adept at ignoring the yelled requests from the audience, although he did allude to That Song with the casual remark "it's a living".  There was no band, just Brian Koonin on guitar, and the rock portion hearkened back to the 50s in tone.  All-in-all, a fun concert... almost.

The "almost" was the part that was ruined by David Jo's hairdresser, Sheridan, who was also part of Vaughn's birthday party.  No idea who Vaughn is, but he and his crew had one of the banquette areas of the Highline filled, and they were acknowledged by David during the concert.  Sheridan (also acknowledged as the one that comes to do his hair every day) was one of those fashionably chicly dressed types, and apparently is so used to her boss' music that she didn't feel the need to modulate her tones when arguing with someone at the party - those of us on that side of the room could hear her during several songs.  Then, during the second encore ("Heart of Gold"), she was at the bar, talking over the music to some guy (who had the good grace to notice that perhaps those closest weren't interested in whatever Sheridan's issues were, and be slightly embarrassed by the attention).  I didn't give in to my intense urge to stand up and ask Mr. Johansen to restart the song after his employee finished her conversation, but I did thank her for her contribution to my evening's entertainment.  

It was really too bad that such an enjoyable evening was ruined by such an inconsiderate person.  If I ever get the chance to see him perform again, I really hope she's not in the audience.

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