There's something about Amy

At last year's ALA conference, my friend Wendy introduced me to her friend Amy - and now Amy and I are friends.  Nice how these things work, right?  It was good seeing her at this year's ALA (even better that she reaffirmed that I was not - despite my fondness for, and knowledge of, Broadway tunes - a gay man [not that I normally worry about this, because I'm reasonably sure that no one looks at me and thinks "gay man" but when an actual gay man asks the question, you do get a little bemused, particularly when you've known said gay man for five years and have breakfast with him almost daily!]), doing the ARC ninja thing and then going to lunch.

It's the lunch part that makes me love Amy.  You see, earlier this year, at ALA Midwinter, Amy led Wendy and me on the Death March to No Dinner; while on this march, at one of the places at which we did not eat, we got carded.  Seriously.  The doorman would not let us in without checking our IDs.  Trust me, it made my night.  Heck, it made my year!

So this time, we went to lunch and when we ordered a drink, the waitress asked for ID.  I didn't have mine (I travel light during conference), but Amy did and mentioned that I was older than she (we're at opposite ends of our 40s).  This wasn't at night, I wasn't bundled up: I got carded in a restaurant in broad daylight. 


And it only happens with Amy.  Of course, like the good daughter of a scientist that I am, I now need to test this under differing conditions: does Amy's magic only work during conferences? 

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Aravis said...

There are other situations, m'dear. Would the same thing also happen over dinner, not lunch? Or over breakfast? You should check these things out as well, at conference and away. :0)