You don't know me, do you?

The other day at MPOW a colleague said to me that I was one of the least stressed people he'd met, that he'd never seen me stressed in the five years we'd known each other.

Say wha???

Me, not stressed?  Ever?  Really?

It could be that he's not paying close attention... or it could be that my way of stressing is less obvious than the ways in which he sees people stress (remember, we both work at a school, filled with teenage angst)... or it could be that my goal of not bringing That Stuff to work with me has been met.  Or it could be all three.  Because believe me, I do get stressed (just as The Things). 

Quaker Meeting does help, as does having The Boys around to cuddle before I head in to work every day.  But it's also important to me to not bring stress, or despair, or other non-sunshiney elements to work: it's not fair to my colleagues, it's not fair to my students.

Still... that anyone could suggest that I'm never stressed just makes me chuckle.

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