A very productive weekend

Thing Two is fond of asking "did you have a productive weekend?" when I speak with him Sunday night or Monday. Most of the time, the "yes" depends on your definition of "productive". For example, I think that reading a book (or two) and napping is really quite productive. YMMV.

This past weekend, however, was productive in the non-reading, non-napping sense, mainly because my parents were visiting. By the weekend's end, I'd*:

Gotten a new car

Weeded the Back 2 1/2 (feet, that is - the "plot" is perhaps 6"x5' max)
Planted impatiens in the Back 2 1/2

Bought two hanging plants

Hung a hanging plant holder on the deck

Fixed the screen door to the deck (I can now leave that door open)
Took delivery of my new, custom built and designed, mahogany-and-maple end table

Fixed the toilet in the guest bathroom

Left unfinished was setting up my new printer/scanner/copier and organizing my closets.

So yes, Thing Two, this was a very productive weekend!

(* by "I", I mean "most of this was done by my father as my mother and I looked on")


Notable Quotes

Patience is just procrastination without the anxiety.

Harry, MI-5


Note to self

Just because it gets dark later does not mean that I can stay up later: the chronic fatigue is kicking in big time. Need to watch the gluten and dairy intake carefully, and remind myself that 9pm lights out still applies!

However, I do have blogposts on the horizon. Stay tuned.



2005 - 2010

I hardly knew ya!


Also this weekend...

(and the fact that even though this happened in Boston, it was a NYC driver that hit me? just icing on the cake)


Hey, old friend

I'm back from three days in Boston - land of my birth, and where many of my family live (I have tons of family, but the only aggregate spot is around Boston, the rest are well and truly scattered around). Usually I go there for either family or ALA, but this time I decided to shake it up a little and see some other people, too. Yes, I'm just that spontaneous.

Friday was actually a library colleague and Thing One night, starting with dinner at the Anyway Cafe (you must go, if only for their infused vodkas). A. and I talked books and life and then she went off to a show while I headed for Brooklyn.

Saturday saw me heading to Boston. I was supposed to meet an old college friend but the Unspeakable Event happened (that's for another blog post) so we rescheduled and I headed to the B&B my parents had booked us into and dinner with my parents and Howard and Julie Kramer. I'd met them before, in the early 60s, and like so many of my friends, the early 60s are a bit of a blur for me... and I've really grown up since then ;) So I'll consider this a first meeting, and it was absolutely lovely! My parents and they go back quite a few decades, and much of the time was spent reminiscing over Mike Milder, another old friend I barely remember from Back Then. Apparently, Mike was the brightest of the three... a truly frightening thought. Howard and I share the same sense of humor, and we also share a distaste for the state of broadcast news: not the political slant, but the abuse of grammar (we both scream at the tv when our pet verbal peeves come up). Kindred spirits indeed!

Then Sunday I saw some old prep school friends for lunch - Ebit and Ruth and Kim and I haven't been together as a group in, oh, 30 years. Kristin was supposed to come but her daughter was home for Mother's Day so I guess we'll forgive her. The thing I love about these gatherings is that it's like there's no time missing from the last time I saw them (and for Ruth, that was at graduation!!). We didn't hang out in the same groups in school, but we have this common bond that I cherish. Hearing about their lives, seeing how they've change - and yet somehow not changed - was so much fun. I have a feeling that the Keltic Krust was glad to see the back of us after 4 hours!

Later, Pat and I finally saw each other after nearly 25 years (see - I meant it when I said OLD friend!). Again, it was like time hadn't passed: we caught up on each other's lives (and his midlife crises semi-change of careers), our families and mutual friends, and vowed not to let that many years pass again. He's on Facebook, but rarely checks... and since we used to send each other the most fun cards, I think that I'll go out, buy a stack, and start mailing (not e-mailing) him!

After the Sunday Cousins Dinner (always interesting for the family gossip and history), I was almost ready to head home but stayed for a Foundation meeting and then it was home via Dana Hall and my librarian friend Liz. It'd only been two weeks since I'd seen her, but still... And as always I came away inspired and challenged to do better with our program at MPOW.

While I love meeting new people and adding their ideas and thoughts into the mix, there's a comfort level with old friends that means more and more to me. I wish I could see Karen more (and if you're reading this, when are you going back upstate to your father's? I'd love to come see you!!). I'm looking forward to seeing Diana in DC (she and Karen count as two of my absolute oldest friends, dating back almost, well, let's say it's been since 3rd grade. I'll let you do the math). Again, the comfort level, the shared very old/very in jokes, the knowledge that someone Knew Me When... priceless.


Notable Quotes

It wasn't that I actively disliked myself, just that I wasn't as interesting and find and noble a person as I'd thought I was. I used to think that all I needed was the opportunity, and I'd blossom, I'd flower, I'd spread my wings and fly... but discovered in the end that I was a weed, and that some buds just never open, and that some caterpillars were only ever worms with an identity crisis.

Iain Banks, Espedair Street


You don't know me, do you?

The other day at MPOW a colleague said to me that I was one of the least stressed people he'd met, that he'd never seen me stressed in the five years we'd known each other.

Say wha???

Me, not stressed?  Ever?  Really?

It could be that he's not paying close attention... or it could be that my way of stressing is less obvious than the ways in which he sees people stress (remember, we both work at a school, filled with teenage angst)... or it could be that my goal of not bringing That Stuff to work with me has been met.  Or it could be all three.  Because believe me, I do get stressed (just as The Things). 

Quaker Meeting does help, as does having The Boys around to cuddle before I head in to work every day.  But it's also important to me to not bring stress, or despair, or other non-sunshiney elements to work: it's not fair to my colleagues, it's not fair to my students.

Still... that anyone could suggest that I'm never stressed just makes me chuckle.