Just being lazy...

So, what does a Lazygal do while on a Cyber Break? Well... first of all, she spends a day here:

Seriously. Over one working day was spent soaking (or pruning, as my toes like to think of it) in this Jacuzzi. Not all at once, but over six days I think I spent 10 hours here. I really need to get one of these at home!

The rest of my time, I spent walking and shopping (got the new Ima and Tricote Machine and some more Les Cowboys Fringants and Liane Foly!). Seeing AIR and Larry Coryell. Eating good food. Watching the butterflies and exploring the Botanical Garden. Checking out the Tiffany glass.

Was there reading? Some. No books, just disposable magazines (I'm all caught up on my non-professional magazine reading!).

Having a break from everything has been really good for me. MPOW is still on Spring Break and even though I have to work this next week, I think I'll still be Cyber Breaking at home.

Speaking of good food:

(pot de creme and cappuccino at Newtown)

(oh, and what Aravis said? Ditto on my end. But more about that later!)

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Elisabeth Abarbanel said...

Starting my break today. Yours looks like a nice model.. where can I get a jacuzzi like that installed in my home? Glad you feel refreshed. Hope school starts up well.