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Ready? Okay!


The Meme (for the record, I didn't replace any questions from the version I was given)

What song are you currently addicted to?
Trick Pony by Charlotte Gainsburg. I got both 5:55 and IRM recently, and they're in heavy rotation on my stereo and iPod. Don't know why this song over the others, but right now it's one of my faves.

What books are you currently reading?
Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta. I only read one at a time, unlike some of my friends. Some people think that if you read more than one, you'll read more but I think I do ok with just the one. Of course, by the time you read this, I'll probably have finished it so check out Killin' Time Reading to see what's recently moved from Mt. Bookpile to The Collection.

What is the one skill you wish you had?
The ability to really multitask. I don't mean blogging while watching tv and doing laundry, I mean teaching a class at MPOW while doing professional reading and taking a nap and cuddling with the cats and writing letters to friends. You know, real multitasking. Because I doubt I'll be getting that Xerox copy of myself anytime soon.

If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?
That's difficult: do you go back and relive a really great memory, or do you fix a mistake? The other difficulty is not actually remembering the exact date - the events are firmly implanted, but the precise date/time is a little fuzzy.

What is your favourite quote?
There's no one all-time favorite... and several I love would take a lot of time to explain. Current favorites are "Feets, do your stuff" and "There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots".

What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
The Partridge Family, Funky Phantom and Friendly Giant.

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
I'm going to assume this means real sites, not e-mail sites, banking or my RSS reader. So, Facebook, TV Tattle and Formula 1

What was the last thing you bought?
Food for the house (felines and humans). Before that, a book (The Quickening Maze) at Paragraph.

Coke or Pepsi?

Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave?
Sometimes it's something tart, like lemon mousse. Sometimes I want something crunchy (like mixed nuts). And sometimes it's pizza or moo shu pork.

What do you do to change your mood?
Cuddle with the cats. There's all sorts of evidence that pets can lower your blood pressure and so forth, and trust me: they do.

What was the last meal you ate?
Brunch at Bussaco: mimosas and granny smith apple pancakes.

Five things you can't live without.
Uh oh, I only have Thing One and Thing Two. Maybe at some point in my life I'll have Things Three through Five to contend with but for now...

Oh, that's not what you meant? How's this for an answer: The Gang of Four, Thing One, Music, Wine, Good Food and Good Friends.

What is the closest purple thing near you?
A short-sleeve top... a skirt suit... a sweater... They're equidistant from me (all in my closets).

What's something that never fails to make you smile?
Thing One. Ask him about the Armenian bridge...

What are you not looking forward to?
Going back to work on Monday. Talking to the vet Tuesday (she called about Bogie's blood work). There's more, but those are the two nearest dreads.

What significant world event that you have lived through stands out most in your mind?
I could go with a Big Event, like September 11 or the Munich Olympics or Obama's election, but I'll go with a less obvious choice: the 2004 World Series.

Name a movie you'd like to see, but just somehow haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
Psycho. (that's probably more of a "what, you haven't see that yet???" than a "oh, I really want to see it") There's a whole bunch on Netflix, so I'll actually see them, but that's one that I haven't actually put on my list. And no, I'm not going to put it on just to cross it off my list.

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