Be careful what you wish for!

When I took my current job, I was surprised to learn that the library had certain, shall we say, deficiencies? Like, no bathroom in the building and no air conditioning and an old collection in need of updating. I hoped - wished, even - for that to change. And one day, my wishes were granted. I had all the air conditioning I needed! I had bathrooms! I could update the collection! Only problem was that it took a 10-hour fire to give me what I wished for, taking away basics like floors and a roof and the good books. Those bathrooms? Port-o-potties. Sigh.

Yesterday was Thing One's birthday. I wished to give him a nice day, ending with a wonderful dinner of steak and French Mushrooms and a nice bottle of wine. Perhaps some candlelight and a fire in the fireplace. Well, we had the fire in the fireplace and the candlelight! Dinner, however, was whatever sandwiches Hannaford's had left over, and the fire was more for heat and the candles were more for light than anything else. Because I forgot to include the electricity to run my house when I started wishing.

Earlier today I got a phone call stating that MPOW was experiencing a blackout thanks to yesterday's storm. We may have a delayed start, or no school, depending on the repair schedule. I'm not wishing for a bloody thing!

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