Breaking with cybersources

As I ease back into the world I left last week, I'm going through my e-mail and RSS and all the other cyber sources I have. Even better, I'm taking the time to evaluate them and unsubscribe from those that are no longer giving me what I need. Sometimes I think we all follow a blog or twitter feed because it's a good idea to be following them - everyone else does, so you should too. And if you're caught not following? Well, *that* could be embarassing (or something).

But if that source isn't giving you ideas, or if you spend more time saving the read for later (and later gets later and later)? Just say "no". Get rid of it.

Since my return home, I've broken up with 25 RSS feeds... 10 twitter feeds... and two e-lists. And you know what? My life is going on just fine.



Please help me out: why is Monday "delightful" while Tuesday is merely "nice"?