Wintertime Blues

Thank all the gods that February is almost over. Maybe we can move on in March, with better everything for everyone.

Yesterday we had a truncated school day thanks to (depending on how desperate you were) the Snowpocalypse II, the Snowicane, the Major Snowstorm or - as Accuweather.com put it - the WeatherAlert. What was odd to me was that driving north meant driving into better conditions and weather, a little counter-intuitive but it did make up for the nasty first part of the drive (seriously: if you're going to close schools early, make sure that the major roads are plowed before sending the school buses out. And if it's a road that the school's actually on, really make sure the road is plowed!)

As with our last snow day, I was incredibly grateful. More so, in fact, because I've been battling the Cold From Hell. Laryngitis and strep plus massively clogged sinuses = antibiotics and antihistamines and liquids and many, many tissues. Major uckiness all round. So having the extra half day to recuperate was a blessing. Then having today? Total WIN.

There's a lot that I should be doing, but I'm mentally not in a place where I'm doing it. Instead, I'm cuddling with The Boys. I'm reading (22 of 47 books from Midwinter read!). I'm napping. And slowly I'm feeling slightly more human and able to cope with things like cleaning and laundry and paying bills and doing dishes.

Is there a cure for the Wintertime Blues? Dunno. But at the moment it feels like maybe there is, and it's called March.

(ps - you know that I'm all for saving the planet and using less processed stuff, right? well, forget all that when it comes to tissues. Marcal's Small Steps are not what this Lazygal's nose needs now: gimme some of that Puff's Plus with Aloe any day!)

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Sherri said...

Ya know, as much as I want to keep our planet livable and lovely, it does seem a shame to waste all this fantastic technology we have, especially the tissue tech.

Feel better soon!