Book trending

A while ago the "microhistory" trend took off - books like Salt, Cod, Coffee and Aspirin flew off bookstore shelves into our collections. I'm seeing a variant on the trend, as yet unnamed, which I'll dub the "annual history": books like 1492 (and the "prequel" 1491), 1968, 1789 and other memorable years.

Perhaps history writ large is too much for our ADD-based lives? Or is there another reason? Anyone?



Recently I asked a friend to wish me luck with something - her response was "I'll hold my thumbs for you". Wha??

You don't know what that means? To me it means one thing: you haven't read Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes. And between readers, there's no better shibboleth than that word or phrase that says "I read it, too".