Shock of recognition

I don't often talk about my family, and even less about my sister. She's younger than I and we're very, very different. Our political, religious and intellectual lives don't intersect, nor do we connect on any emotional level. We also do not look anything like each other, so if we were all at the same party and you were only introduced to us by first name, you'd never guess there was a relationship.

About a month ago my parents called. They're revising their wills and wanted to make sure that they'd gotten right the list of things that I and she wanted. That way, there'd be no fighting over the important stuff (everything else is to be divided pretty much equally). Unsurprisingly, there's almost no overlap in what I'd like to keep and what she'd like to keep.

The one area of overlap is a figurine. It's a hippo made of some metal substance, not particularly exceptional in terms of beauty or craft. What makes it important is that it lives on a shelf in the front hallway to my parent's house and serves as the paperweight underneath which things like letters, signed notes, money and stamps were left. When I left for school in the morning, my lunch money would "under the hippo"... something to be mailed would be "under the hippo"... you get the picture.

We both wanted this hippo. I guess we're related after all.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. In spite of our differences we are sisters and I am happy for you to have the hippo. Love your "dissimilar" sister Wendy