The pressure is on

A friend begged me to watch a movie. They'd found it transformative and felt that I should share in their experience. So, being a good friend, I put it on Netflix and it's almost at the top of my queue.

I've often dropped everything and read a book when a student comes and tells me that they really, really loved it. And I do try to put myself in their place as I read it: what was so special (if they weren't able to articulate it for me beforehand). Sometimes, though, the love just isn't there. At those times, I try to come up with ways to talk about the book that validates their experience without making them feel that somehow there was something wrong because I didn't have the same reaction.

My fear with this movie is that it won't transform my life, that it'll be ok and nothing more. Facing my friend and explaining that might not be so easy.

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Aravis said...

I love how excited your students are about their reading material, and really appreciate the time and effort you take on their behalf. You're the type of librarian (and grown-up) I always loved as a child. :0)

You have me curious now. What is the movie?