Ninja-gal strikes again*

That's the pile of 47 (yes, 47) ARCs I got a ALA Midwinter - most of them in one half-hour surgical strike during the exhibits opening celebration. As of this morning, I'm two down, 45 to go... and if I keep up last year's pace, I should be finished by late March,

(* the ninja title was given to me by mk and Amy)


diane said...

How in the world will you get all of those home? And where will you put them?

Looking forward to your recommendations.

Lazygal said...

They're already home (via my trust Corolla). If I hadn't driven, Mr. UPS would be paying me a visit at some point.

Where will they go? Uh, er, hmmm... Call me Scarlett: I'll think about that tomorrow!

Aravis said...

You surprise me. I thought you'd have finished them in a week, tops. *G*

Peggy said...

I'm sort of dumb. Did you list the titles somewhere that I missed?
Anyway, congratulations on two or three great hauls!!!