It's the humidity...

Since moving to my wonderful "country home", I've noticed that Bogie (aka Monster) has spent more time grooming, and been more... well... determined about it. We went to the vet, who couldn't find anything wrong and suggested Feeliway to alleviate any stress. That seemed to work but then, winter hit again and the aggressive grooming started again - he's now got patches on his arms and legs that are nearly bare.

Was all this country living getting to him? Did he pine for the noise of Brooklyn (or the horribly cold cottage we lived in between Brooklyn and Country Life)?

Then I had a brainwave: I have an oil heater. My skin was dryer than usual, perhaps his was, too. So now we have a humidifier in the bedroom and he seems to be much happier.

Best purchase I've ever made, and one I highly recommend to anyone who uses oil heat.


Ellysa said...

That is so interesting! How terrific that you were able to figure out what was making him over-groom himself.

I never knew that oil heat was so drying until recently. Our new house has a gas furnace, and the heating guy told us that while cats often love oil, forced air heat (because it is the hottest coming out of the vent) it is definitely the driest heat.

Aravis said...

I've lived in an oil-heated home for over a decade and never picked up on this. Funny! Thanks for the tip. :0)

Lazygal said...

Aravis, what's odd is that only Bogie seems to be bothered! Lulu, Greta, Francis and Mallory have all been just fine.