Despite being only .5" over the cut-off from being "petite", I don't think any one would accuse me of being small. Most might apply "zaftig" to my physique.

So could some one please explain to me how it is that I am unable to get The Boys to allow me to get out of bed on the side closest to the bathroom? I mean, I'm at least 10x their size!


Jandy said...

Perhaps the same way I find I lose my pillow when I leave my door open at night. Misty is certain she has to sleep by my head...

Aravis said...

I think the clue is in your choice of words, "allow." Naturally you are completely capable of overpowering them and getting out of bed on the preferred side. But you have been trained to believe that this is the wrong behavior. I know this because I, too, have been well-trained.

I think cats would make good psychologists, specifically Behavior Modifiers. Of course, it would mean they'd have to stoop down to our level so it will never happen. ;0)