FW: Ever thought about adopting a greyhound?

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Ever thought about adopting a greyhound?

In October my family adopted a greyhound named Shawn from a local organization called Greyhound Rescue and Rehab (http://www.greyhoundrescuerehab.org/). Greyhounds have been in the news recently since many states have closed their tracks due to the economy or new regulations banning greyhound racing. The Massachusetts track where Shawn raced closed in December, and there are now approximately 150-200 hounds who need forever homes.

Greyhounds are calm, docile and very friendly. Contrary to what you might have heard, they do not need a lot of exercise and are described as 40 miles per hour couch potatoes. Shawn runs around my fenced-in yard for 10-15 minutes and then sleeps. Seriously this is what he does all day!

If you have ever thought about adopting a rescue greyhound, please go to the GRR site and check out the Available for Adoption tab on the left. I've also added a link below to a video news piece that aired on Fox 5 News yesterday. The other link is to the reporter's blog about her adoption process. January 20 on-air segment. Lisa Murphy’s blog

Thanks for letting me share Shawn and GRR with you

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Aravis said...

My in-laws have adopted 4 over the past few years. They are such great dogs and deserve the best of homes!