Oh my stars!

A friend left a comment on my most recent review: "What does it take to get four stars from you? Is five even a possibility?"

The answer is, I gave four stars to A Fatal Grace. My last five-star review was for When You Reach Me. Yes, I'm stingy with the fours and fives, and part of the reason is GoodReads' scale.

To them, the scale runs:
  1. Didn't Like It
  2. It Was OK
  3. Liked It
  4. Really Liked It
  5. It Was Amazing
So I've translated that into Lazyspeak:
  1. A Waste Of Ink
  2. If You're Bored
  3. I'd Recommend This
  4. I'd Strongly Recommend This
  5. OMG I Want To Read This Again
I'm guessing that "0" means "Hated It" to them, while to me it means "Sue The Author For My Lost Hours Reading This Crap".

(of course, this is better than Netflix' scale, which jumps from "Liked It" to "Didn't Like It" with no stop at "Meh")


Anonymous said...

You got a lot of reviews. Are you really reading one book a day or is there some SKIMMING going on?

Lazygal said...

Depends on how you define "skimming", but I do actually read that fast. And don't forget, many "younger" books have larger print and type.

Aravis said...

I love the way you break down your scale. Sue any authors lately? *G*