In which I prove I am truly my mother's daughter

There are some things in life that I very much enjoy: toast is one of them (just like @neilhimself!). My mother wasn't as fond of toast as I am, but she was very fond of bread-and-butter (and sometimes, jam); sometimes she'd go through half a loaf, or more, on her own. I used to have a toaster , but one night Thing Two and I discovered that it didn't work and, well, now I don't have one*.

On and off I toy with the idea of getting another toaster, but I know that, like my mother, there will be times when I just overindulge.

My mother also taught me that people who need to wear other people's logos are NQOT.

But there is something about this (in fuchsia) that makes me go hmmmmmm....

* (when I lived with Thing One, we used his toaster oven, which is hardly the same thing at all)

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