Culture Vulturing

From old... to young...

I was among the lucky: Leonard Cohen at MSG. Others may argue if it's John Cale or kd lang that interprets Hallelujah best, if you haven't heard the original, well... you just haven't heard it. M. Cohen drew an amazingly diverse crowd - all ages, all ethnicities. Each song was extremely familiar. Each song was completely new. Some of his mannerisms were a bit annoying (the dropping to his knees during just about every song) but his courtly presence made up for them. Truly one of the last chanteurs.

The next event? The Fall presentations from the Columbia Ballet Collaborative. I was very impressed this time around (as opposed to " enjoyed it" from the Spring). An interesting mix of "classic" ballet moves and more modern ones, and an eclectic choice of music made the program fly by, although Thing One questioned the presence of a ringer in the corps. The founders are now starting to leave Columbia, and I hope that the CBC continues without them.

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